Authenticity Check

As Sleepy Peach gains in popularity, the occasional bootleg will make its appearance online. As a general guideline, please check the website URL to ensure that you are purchasing from Sleepy Peach or a licensed vendor.

Other than this website, our Etsy Shop and Depop are our only official licensed vendors.

When inspecting Sleepy Peach items for authenticity, please verify that you can see the 1x1 tag. On button up shirts and sweatshirts, the tag will be placed on the bottom left of the item. On sweatshirts and bomber jackets, the tag will be placed on the bottom left of the sleeve.

Tag 1x1 tag example

If no tag is shown, please verify that you receive a picture of the collar. Apparel made in 2021 often has a Sleepy Peach text logo tag on the collar. Items may have the 1x1 tag, the Sleepy Peach collar tag, or both.


Text logo tag example

A few items have no identifiable tags. These include our socks, shorts, New Classic Shirt, and original Pastel Sweatshirt (from 2018).

If you are worried about buying secondhand, we also do authenticity checks. Feel free to shoot us an email or contact our Instagram, so we can verify if your secondhand item is an authentic Sleepy Peach.