About Us

Eric + Juliet
 Eric + Juliet, 2022

Sleepy Peach was founded with a rebellious spirit and a hefty objective: to offer bright and colorful clothing at a reasonable price.

Every idea starts with a problem. In 2018, I went to the mall to go shopping for clothes that fit my style. To my disappointment, there were barely any bright or colorful men's clothes to be found. The clothes that I did find were either too expensive, cheaply made, or ill-fitting. When I complained online, others came out of the woodwork to agree. Everyone shared the same question: where could men find bright, colorful clothing at a reasonable price?

I decided to answer the question myself by making my very own clothing brand: Sleepy Peach. The brand launched in 2018 with a $200 advance. It started gaining momentum in 2019, and it continues to blossom today.

Sleepy Peach is an independent clothing brand. It is run by Eric (me), Juliet (my wife), and Matilda and Wendy (our cats). We don't like how corporations run everything into the ground, so we are funding this brand with our own pockets. Because we are independent, we're able to provide higher-quality items at our own pace, without having to constantly worry about meeting sales goals or increasing revenue every quarter.

We believe that your clothing should reflect your personality. Sleepy Peach should leave you impressed with our quality (with some bonus money in your pocket).

We also believe that the freedom to be who you are and love who you choose is a fundamental human right. We are proudly aligned with the LGBTQ+ community, and have donated thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

We are also big on conservation, which is why all of our mailers are naturally biodegradable. Our clothes are all made of cotton or recycled synthetic fibers. 

Try us today and see why thousands trust Sleepy Peach to let their clothing do the talking.

- Eric