What I'm Spinning #1: Mother Earth's Plantasia


Mother Earth's Plantasia is an album that surprised the heck outta me the first time I heard it this year. It's an electronic album that came out in 1976 and seemingly influenced a ton of artists, including Koji Kondo, who's pretty famous for his Zelda and Mario Nintendo 64 music.

This album has a crazy history. It came out in 1976, and you could only find this album at Sears or Mother Earth. You received a copy of it for free if you bought a mattress or a houseplant. Shockingly, the album failed to gain any kind of widespread popularity (can't imagine why). 

I actually found this album recommended to me by Spotify. It's a light and bouncy album that I put on any time I'm chilling out. We have a row of succulents that we water to Mother Earth's Plantasia. It's perfect gardening music!

I'd recommend this album to anyone who's looking to vibe to cheery, electronic music.

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