Distance Learning - An Unmitigated Disaster

Posted by Eric on

Donald Trump wants your kids to attend school while subsequently threatening to strip away funding from districts who don’t feel it’s safe to re-open. It's true, look it up.

Families don't need children to go back to school. Families need their children to be safe, so let's be real. Betsy DeVos just wants to get the kids out of the way for the adults to return to work.

The ultimate outcome is that teachers get sick, principals get sick, classroom associates get sick, lunch ladies get sick, secretaries get sick, counselors get sick, librarians get sick, superintendents get sick, janitors get sick, bus drivers get sick, and finding even one substitute teacher will be a nightmare (it already was before all this in most districts).

What happens when just 2 or 3 teachers are out and there’s no replacement? The schools will close down and go online but now the teachers that are all sick can’t teach remotely because they are sick. Kids will get it too AND have complications from it.

What's worse for your child? Distance learning or seeing their teachers die, seeing their principals die, seeing their guidance counselors die, seeing their lunch ladies die, seeing their bus drivers die, seeing their secretary die, seeing the janitors die, and seeing their librarians die? This is without mentioning the toll of also seeing some of their friends and classmates die. Not to mention seeing the relatives they are around die because the students brought the virus home from school and didn’t know it. The guilt will be immense for so many.

The inevitable outcome of going back to school is a lot of death and for many others, lifelong complications with their future health (the big unknown yet for kids and adults). The mental health argument against staying home is a way for the mean spirited and frankly evil folks in power to get back to making that money. Most of the rest of the world is doing something different (China, Japan, South Korea, EU, Australia/New Zealand, etc) to reduce the risks and death toll exponentially. The US and a few others are doing something else, ignoring safety and life in favor of profit margins.

I know a teacher, scared to death to go back this year, scared for his family, and everyone else he works with because the powers that be have shown their cards. They don't listen to reason. They have no plan for safety. I dare any of these politicians to teach or even sit in a public classroom for a week.

I know who I am voting for in November. I will be able to tell future students that I was on the right (far-left, actually) side of history.


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